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Introduction to Gwangju Medical Tour Support Center

Gwangju Medical Tour Support Center is the venue
that plays the core role in the Gwangju Medical Tour
since it provides a diverse range of conveniences
for the foreign patients visiting Gwangju City.

Convenient One-Stop services
1Provision of One-Stop services for foreign patients, including entry and exit procedures, visa,
interpretation, pick-up, reservation for medical care, consultation, accommodation and hospital
2Provision of information on the medical treatments in specialized areas and prices of the medical institutions in Gwangju
3Execution of role as an integrated center for systematic follow-up management of foreign patients after their return to homeland
4Information on Medical Tour Products, provision of Medical Tour Map and introduction to Medical Tour Courses

Our Gwangju Medical Tour Support Center has been playing the leading role for the advancement of the local society and improvement of the quality of the lives of the local residents
through enhancement of the competitiveness of the medical industry and improvement of the medical services in the region of Gwangju by means of harmonious execution of projects and
adiverse range of activities after having been established as a corporation in 2011.

Key medical institutions and medical tour related institutions within Gwangju region are registered as the members of our Center. Moreover, we are putting in our utmost efforts to provide
high quality medical tour services to foreign patients by grafting the outstanding medical technologies of the medical institutions in Gwangju region onto the tourism infrastructure of the
Gwangju and Jeonnam regions through ceaseless researches and educational activities.

Accordingly, we will play the core role in having the Gwangju Medical Tour be known widely throughout the world through continuous development of the overseas medical market,
establishment of collaboration system and supporting of fortification of themedical industry related networking with relevant institutions, establishment of regional infrastructure for the
advancement of the medical industry and diversification of a wide range of promotional marketing.

A foreigner is receiving skin care treatments from a doctor.
Convenient One-Stop services : Operating hours of the Center,Inquiries,Location, Emaile Table
Operating hours of the Center Weekdays: 09:00 ~ 18:00
Inquiries 062)714-3430~2
Location 9thFl.,Sangmujungang-ro72-gil,Seo-gu,Gwangju Metropolitan City
E-mail gipca02@hanmail.net (reservation for medical consultation and inquiries)

Medical interpretation and translation services

Gwangju Medical Tour Support Center +82-62-714-1730

  • Details of support : Provision of interpretation and translation services necessary for the foreign patients to visit and undergo
    medical services by the institutions registered to accommodate foreign patients
  • Languages being supported : English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Mongolian and Vietnamese
  • How to use :
    • Only the institutions registered to accommodate foreign patients in Gwangju can apply at least 3 days in advance
      (application by individuals is not allowed)
    • Can apply up to 3 times per week (3 days) for each of the medical institutions
    • Limited to 1 interpreter per 5 patients
    • Interpretation for patients hospitalized for more than 3 days can be provided up to 3 days per week (within 4 hours per day)
  • Hours of use : Monday ~ Friday (9AM~6PM) during business hours
  • E-mail : gipca02@hanmail.net

Medical Call Center+82-2-1577-7129

  • Details of supports provided :
    • Reception of the inconveniences experienced by and support for emergency situations of foreigners
    • Vicarious execution of consultation for resolution of and reception of dispute arbitration procedures for medical accidents
    • Simple general medical consultations
  • Languages supported : nglish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic
  • Hours of use : 24 hours a day
  • Website : Korea Health Industry Development Institute

119 Emergency Situation Management Center of the Fire & Safety Authority of Gwangju+82-62-119

  • Details of supports provided : Information about various medical consultations and medical institutions at which treatments can be received
  • Languages supported : Total of 10 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Mongolian, Vietnamese,
    French and Tagalog, etc.
  • Hours of use : Consultations are provided for 24 hours a day

BBB interpretation services for foreigners1588 – 5644

  • If you have difficulty in communicating in Korea, seek assistance to BBB.
  • More than 2,800 volunteers will assist with interpretation for foreigners in 17 languages.
  • Since BBB Campaign is a genuine voluntary service campaign, there is no need to join the membership program or pay
    user fees separately to use the BBB services.

Telephone service for tourism information062 - 1330

  • Details of supports provided : Provide information on tourism in Korea to foreign visitors
  • Languages supported : English, Japanese and Chinese
  • Hours of use : Consultations are provided for 24 hours a day

Pick-up Service

He is driving a car.

Pick-up Service

  • Details of supports provided : Provide financial support for vehicle rental as follows, according to the number of patients for the institution registered for bringing in of foreign patients that secured more than 5 group medical tourists simultaneously
    (support is not provided to individuals)
  • Criteria for provision of supports
    • Support for bringing in of general tourists and reiterated support not allowed
    • Support within the range of the actual expenses for the vehicle rental for a return trip between outside regions and Gwangju
    • For groups of more than 30 persons, repetitive support in accordance with the above criteria for provision of support
  • onditions for the provision of supports : Support is provided if all of the following are satisfied
    • In the event of bringing in of foreign group medical tourists of more than 5 persons by using the vehicle
    • In the event of having paid more than 200,000 Won of medical expenses per person at the medical institution that provided medical services to foreign patients
    • In the event of having undergone medical treatment by staying in Gwangju Metropolitan City for more than a night
      (hospitalization and accommodation, etc.)

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No. of visitors Subsidies provided : No. of visitors Subsidies provided table
No. of visitors (persons) 5~9 10~13 14~19 20~30 Remarks
Subsidies provided (‘000 Won) 300 500 600 700
Asia, daehanminguk, Seo-gu, Gwangju, namgu, Dong-gu, Gwangju, Korea


  • [61949] 9thFl.,#3SangmuJungang-ro72-gil,Seo-gu,GwangjuMetropolitanCity

Contact No.

  • Tel_062)714-3430~2 / Fax_062)714-1733 / E-mail : gipca02@hanmail.net