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Information on visa and entry to the country

Guidance on Entry into and Exit from Korea

What is Visa?

Visa is largely classified into the visa for “confirmation of approval for entry” that acknowledges that a foreigner can enter the country and the visa for “action of recommending entry” of the
consul on the application for entry into the country by foreigners. Korea interprets it as “action of recommending entry by counsel for the application for approval of entry by foreigner.”

Types of Visas

  • Visa for single entry
  • Can enter the country once within the period of validity
  • Period of validity: 3 months from the date of issuance
  • Multiple entry visa
  • Can enter the country more than 2 times within the period of validity.
  • Period of validity: From the date of issuance
  • 3 years for visa that corresponds to a foreign diplomat (A-1) / Inland agreement (A-3)
  • Duration under the agreement for the visa issued under the agreement for the issuance of multiple entry visa
  • Period separately stipulated by the Minister of Justice for the visa issued in considerations of principle of reciprocity and other national interests, etc.

Procedures for issuance of visa

  • Venue for application for issuance of visa : Korean Embassy or Consulate General
  • Documents to be submitted at the time of application for a visa : Passport, application form for visa and attachment documents for each of the visa classes
    ※ If a certificate of recognition of issuance of visa is necessary, submit it as well


  • Those for whom approval for re-entry is granted or exempted from the need for approval for reentry, and entering the country prior to the expiration of the period of approval
    or exemption
  • Those who are the citizens of the country that entered into the agreement for exemption of visa to Korea and subject to such exemption in accordance with the said agreement
  • Those entering Korea for the international friendly relationship and/or tourism or for the benefits of Korea who were granted approval for entry according to the stipulation made by the Presidential Order
  • Those entering Korea who departed their country of origin after having been issued the certification of travel as a refugee and the validity of such certification has not expired.

Medical Tour (C-3-3, G-1-10) Visa

  • Visa exclusive for the foreign patients entering Korea for the purpose of medical treatment in hospital in Korea
  • Subjects of issuance
  • Those wishing to be hospitalized at specialized medical institution or recuperation facilities in Korea for the purposes of treatment of diseases or recuperation, and need more than 91 days of the treatment period
  • Patient and immediate family member of the patient, including spouse and child wishing to enter the country as guardian and to nurse the patient (period of stay of 1 year and
    multiple entry visa with validity period of 1 year)
  • C3(M) : If the period of treatment and travel is less than 90 days (simple medical treatments including cosmetic treatments such as plastic surgery)
  • G1(M) : 1 year (long-term treatment and rehabilitation, etc.)
  • Venue for submission of application : Korean Embassy or Consulate General
  • Documents to be submitted
Documents to be submitted Table : Documents to be prepared by the inviting party, Documents to be prepared by inviting party Documents to be submitted Table
Documents to be prepared by the inviting party
  • Application form for acknowledgement of issuance of visa
  • Attach 1 passport sized color photograph of the party invited
  • Statement of reasons for the invitation
  • Copy of certificate of business registration or corporate register
  • Copy of certificate of registration as medical institution or company to bringing in foreign patients
  • Document for evidencing of the medical purposes issued by the medical institutions
  • Medical report or report of findings issued by the medical institution
  • Letter of confirmation of reservation for treatment/ recuperation issued by medical institutions in Korea
  • Tourism schedule
  • Other evidential documents
  • Letter of confirmation of invitation of foreign patient (for Chinese nationals)
  • Additionaldocumentatthetimeofsubmissionofapplicationbyrepresentative
  • Identification and certificate of employment
  • Letter of confirmation for execution of works (signed by representative director or CEO)
  • Certificate of completion of education regarding the associated tasks by Immigration Office (beginning from November 1, 2009)
Documents to be prepared by inviting party
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of residency and family registration (for Chinese nationals)
  • The document evidencing the ability to pay for the cost of treatment and stay in Korea
  • Additionaldocumentatthetimeofinvitationofthefamilyofpatient
  • Document evidencing family relationship
  • The agency works
  • A company that registered business for bringing in of foreign patients with the Korea Health Industry Development Institute and acquired approval for agency works for application
    for issuance of visa by the Ministry of Justice
  • After November 1, 2009, only the staff affiliated with the inviting organization, which has completed the education on the associated tasks by the Immigration Office, can submit an application as a representative, and the submission of this application by a representative may be restricted and supplementary documents can be requested when necessary.
  • Period of stay
  • Period of stay of foreigners : The status is categorized into short-term stay (less than 90 days), long-term stay (more than 90 days) and permanent residency (no limit on the period of stay) in accordance with the period of stay allowed.
    ※ In the case of long-term stay and permanent residency, the corresponding person must register as an alien or report address in Korea within 90 days of the date of entry.
  • Extension of stay
  • What is the extension of the period of stay?
  • Foreigners wishing to stay in Korea continuously in excess of the period of stay previously granted must acquire approval for the extension of the period of stay.
  • Duration necessary for the period of stay extension approval application: Foreigner wishing to extend the period of stay must submit application for extension 2 months prior to and
    up to the day of expiration of the current period of stay.
  • If application is submitted after the expiration date of the period of stay, penalty will be levied.
  • Method of application for approval for extension of period of stay
  • The corresponding person or representative can submit an application after having prepared the documents to be attached to the immigration office with jurisdiction over the
    address of the applicant.
  • However, the application is allowed if the applicant is staying in Korea on the day of the submission of the application.
  • Information on exit procedures
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